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Enhance efficiency and patient safety using the iQemo electronic chemotherapy prescribing system

iQemo helps you manage the complete chemotherapy treatment cycle more safely and effectively, find out more

Improve patient safety with electronic chemotherapy prescribing


The iQemo chemotherapy prescribing system provides many features that improve patient safety such as automatic dose calculations, allergy & sensitivity alerting, decision support linked to pathology & toxicity, drug-to-drug interaction support, bar-code scanning, and more.

Save time and effort with the iQemo chemotherapy prescribing system


The iQemo user interface is simple and intuitive, which means you can work more effectively by spending less time clicking or flipping between different screens. iQemo automates many tasks and its user interface presents all the critical patient information logically on single screens when and where it is needed.

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iQemo can be accessed securely from anywhere, on any PC or mobile device. Imagine receiving an alert from a pharmacist that requires a dose change, iQemo enables you to action this directly from your mobile phone.


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As part of the iQemo service an expert team are available to provide technical and product support. The team have the expertise and knowledge to be able to understand both clinical and technical issues to help you quickly and efficiently when you need it.

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iQemo digitally captures the entire chemotherapy prescribing and administration process, this provides insights, helping you understand and improve the way your chemotherapy service is performing. iQemo also ensures your organisation is compliant with all national reporting requirements such as the latest NHS SACT dataset.

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iQemo talks to other clinical systems and devices ranging from Patient Administration Systems, lab systems or even smart infusion pumps. This enables you to work more safely by ensuring the most up to date clinical information is available when you need it. Productivity is increased by eliminating duplicate work and by streamlining clinical workflows.

Latest News

iQ HealthTech is pleased to announce that Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust is the latest NHS Trust to go live with the iQemo electronic SACT prescribing and administration system.

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iQ HealthTech would like to announce the successful go-live of iQemo across the Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Alliance (LSCCA). The go-live involved 4 NHS Trusts, 12 hospitals, 800 users, 633 validated regimens and 8 systems integrations. This was delivered on time and on budget within a 7-month time period.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

iQ HealthTech are going to be showcasing their latest version of the iQemo electronic chemotherapy prescribing system at the ISOPP 2019 conference in London hosted by BOPA on the 11th and 12th of October.

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